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    Since 2007 we've passed over £30 million of business between
    our members. Would you like to find out how to be
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  • Welcome to BNI CHIPPING
    Would you like to meet sixty credible professionals who
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About Us

Our Company

BNI Chipping 1998

  • BNI Chipping was established in 1998.
  • Some members have been in Chipping for nearly 20 years.
  • Our newest members joined just last week.
  • We have now grown to 50 + members. But we have room for more.
  • Since 2007 we've passed over 57,598 referrals within the Chapter.
  • That translates into over £34,729,361 in of solid, profitable business.
  • And it means that each seat is worth around £100k a year.
  • BNI Chipping exists to make its members more successful.
  • Each week our members actively look for business for each other.
  • At each meeting we pass those opportunities within the Chapter.
  • Since 2007 we've passed over 32,000 referrals to each other.
  • Our philosophy is 'Givers Gain' which means "If you give me business, I'll want to give you business."
  • Many of our members owe their business success to being part of BNI Chipping.
  • BNI Chipping is only as good as its members.
  • We believe in continuing to grow individually and as a Chapter.
  • We arrange BNI Training so each member can improve their business and networking skills.
  • We encourage one-to-one meetings between members, to improve their understanding of how to find new business for each other.
  • We encourage visitors to attend our meetings to keep the Chapter vibrant and growing.
  • BNI Chipping holds itself to high professional standards.
  • We believe in commitment to growing the Chapter and to helping fellow members.
  • We stipulate the accountability and professionalism of each member.
  • We encourage members to educate each other in the credibility of their business.
  • We will continue the Chapter's success by helping our member’s businesses to grow.

Recent News

  • In May we passed a lovely £340,000 of business.