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I was first introduced to Bioresonance by a friend who had seen me suffering with debilitating health problems.

I had actually been challenged with chronic conditions since being a young teenager and tried various natural health approaches in a bid to get well as conventional medicine was not able to provide more than pain relief.

The journey I began in 2013 was life changing as I started to off load toxins through regular detoxification and gradually found many of the causal factors to my illness. As symptoms reduced I found a new lease of life and in 2014 began studying bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt to help others, including my three children benefit from this effective and gentle treatment.

I have now established my own practice and enjoy supporting families of all backgrounds to optimise their health and well-being.

I am a qualified Bioresonance practitioner based in North London and see patients from all over the UK and abroad.

I attend regular training programmes at The North Yorkshire Centre for Bioregulatory Medicine as I believe in Continual Personal Development to enhance my practice and provide my patients with the most comprehensive advances. I am committed to offering a whole health approach with each treatment session based on individual needs.

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